About Us

Company Free Way is a team of experts with the necessary experience and specialization in the field of humanitarian demining. Each of our employees has received the necessary education and experience to carry out mine action.

We currently perform the following types of mine action:

  • Non-technical survey and public information
  • Technical survey
  • Demining
  • Clearing of the war operations area
  • Destruction of mines and explosive remnants of war.

Our mission and what we do

Our mission is to provide safe and reliable humanitarian demining services so that people can safely return to their homes, visit their dwellings, walk peacefully in parks and forests, engage in agricultural activities without fear for their lives.

Company goal

Our company's goal is to protect the civilian population from the threat of explosive remnants of war (ERW). We work with governments, international organizations and agencies to carry out humanitarian demining of minefields, booby trap mines and other areas where explosive ordnance has been dropped or abandoned by warring parties.

The main task of humanitarian demining is to ensure the safety of people's lives in a particular area: either as a result of an accident or because of the war. The work performed by sappers covers a wide range of tasks: from removing mines out of mined areas, monuments and cemeteries to repairing damage to infrastructure caused by explosions.

What is humanitarian demining?

Humanitarian demining is the clearing of areas and facilities from explosive objects, carried out in order to ensure the safety of life of the population. This includes cleanup of landmines, unexploded bombs and toxic areas.