The company is the national operator of mine action, which is an activity associated with increased danger, therefore, professionals who have undergone special training and are certified can be allowed to perform such work.

If you want to build a career in humanitarian demining, but do not have the specialized education and certification for this, this is not a problem. We can help you with this. Our company organizes education and training of experts of pyrotechnic units and proficiency enhancement of its experts. List of professions:

Vocational training:

  • Vocational profession Sapper (demining).


  • Vocational profession Sapper (demining).

Proficiency enhancement:

  • Vocational profession class 3 Sapper (demining).

Targeted courses:

  • Experts who identify explosive objects;
  • Pyrotechnic devices and gunpowders;
  • Specialists who keep records of explosive objects;


  • Blasting work;
  • Explosive objects;
  • Area demining organization;
  • Reconnaissance and demining means;


  • Training premises (blasting work classroom, artillery ammunition classroom, aviation and engineering ammunition classroom, explosive devices classroom)
  • Training sites (pyrotechnics site, demining site, testing site, blasting work site).
  • Educational and training complexes: An educational and training complex for manual demining and identification of explosive objects.