Anti-mine activity

Humanitarian demining is a set of activities carried out by mine action operators with the objective of eliminating the dangers associated with explosive objects, including non-technical and technical survey of territories, mapping, detection, neutralization and (or) destruction of explosive objects, marking, preparation of documentation after demining, providing information to communities on mine action and handing over the cleared territory;

Four stages of humanitarian demining:

An application for territory demining is submitted to the Ministry of Defense.

Non-technical survey of the territory. Sappers detect the presence of explosive elements. They determine whether the area is dangerous or not. A report is submitted to the Ministry of Defense.

Technical survey. Humanitarian demining sappers explore the area using search equipment.

Site demining.

Disposal of mines and explosive ordnance and transfer of land to the user.

The company which is a national operator, the main specialization of which is humanitarian demining, carries out mine action activities within the framework of its sphere in accordance with the IMAS international mine action standards implemented in Ukraine, namely:

Non-technical survey of site mine status

Is a method that helps to collect and analyze data on the presence, type and distribution of mines and explosive ordnance without the use of technical means. The non-technical site survey ensures decision making on the prioritization of areas where mines and explosive objects are present by providing facts.

Technical site survey

Technical reconnaissance of the mine status includes the collection and analysis of data on the presence, type, distribution and environmental conditions of mines and explosive objects using technical means in order to more accurately determine the place where mines and explosive ordnance are present and where they are absent, to help prioritize land releases and enable decision making by providing facts.

Site demining

The demining is the performance of procedures for finding, removing or destroying mines and explosive ordnance, and demining operations may also require affording access, diagnostics, bringing to a safe state, final disposal and (if necessary) protective work.

Clearing of military operations areas

Is an activity aimed at locating and neutralizing in certain areas where military actions took place, which may include defensive positions and places where aircraft or artillery munitions, including cluster munitions, have been fired or dropped. Depending on humanitarian priorities and the required land use, the clearing of military operations areas may include surface and underground clearance.

Neutralization / destruction of mines and explosive remnants of war

Includes all aspects of explosive remnants of war (ERW), including the detection and neutralization of unexploded ordnance and abandoned explosives through demining procedures. The execution of ERW neutralization and destruction operations ranges from relatively simple incineration and open detonation techniques to highly complex industrial processes with the involvement of appropriate experts.